For investors

The Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Abkhazia implements the official registry.

The official registry of individual entrepreneurs and legal entities in Abkhazia conducted in 10 working days after the day of providing all documents to the registering authority.

Documents for registry of establishing of legal entities are:

1) An application MUST be in an official form, signed by applicant, approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Abkhazia. The application confirms that the provided documents are corresponding to the requirements of the law of the Republic of Abkhazia;

2) A decision on establishing of the legal entity in the form of protocol, agreement or other document in accordance with the law of the Republic of Abkhazia;

3) The memorandum of association of the legal entity (an original or notarized copy)

4) A statement from the register of foreign legal entities of the country of origin or any other evidence of equal legal force of legal status of foreign legal entity;

5) A document certifying payment of the state fee;

6) A written approval of premises owner on providing legal address with attached copy (notarized or with provided original);

7) An identifying document of an applicant or an identify document of a person acting on the grounds of a notarized power of attorney, issued by the applicant.