Investment Sites

Ochamchira seaport

  • The port capacity is up to 500 thousand tons per year.
  • The depth of the sea areas is up to 7 m.
  • The development project involves increasing the capacity and the depth of the fairway of the port

Sukhum seaport

  • The seaport in Sukhum is situated near the central part of the city and is one of the most important transportation hubs.
  • The port has 3 terminals, the average depth is 6 meters.
  • The seaport in Sukhum was able to accept large cruise ships arriving from different countries of the Black Sea region. The annual turnover reached up to several hundred thousand tons but after the war in 1992‐1993 the port was blocked.

«Sukhum-Cherkessk» highway project

  • The length of the road – 66 km
  • The length of the reconstruction segment – 53 km
  • A new segment to build – 13 km
  • Reconstruction of the road gives an opportunity to shorten the distance from Cherkessk to Sukhum almost in half.
  • The road runs in the areas where the creation of the mountain‐tourist complexes is possible.
  • It gives the possibility to increase tourist flow due to transport accessibility.
  • It also gives the opportunity to transport cargo flows to the ports and airports of Abkhazia by the shortest way.

Railway of Abkhazia

  • Total length of the railway without a part between Ochamchira, Gal and Ingur is 276 km.
  • The condition is satisfactory.
  • The functioning part Sukhum – Psou is used for transporting passengers and cargoes.

Tourist cluster “Ochamchira”

  • The length of the coastline – 7 km
  • The project of development includes a hotel complex, therapeutic and entertainment complexes in coastal area, so as in territorial area.

Airport «Sukhum»

  • The international airport “Sukhum” named after V. G. Ardzinba is 18 km from Sukhum

  • The runway is one of the longest in the CIS and is approximately 3.64 km which allows the to receive all types of civil and military aircrafts weighing up to 125 tons

  • The 1st class airfield has one artificial air strip with the reinforced concrete surface

  • The airport is reliable in any weather. It is situated in the Colchis lowland on the Black Sea coast. It also provides landing from 2 sides. This is a big advantageous if it is compared to the Sochi airport

  • Constructed for all types of the Soviet aircrafts. In the late 1960s the prototype of the largest passenger plane Tu‐114 landed here. In the end of 1970s, the thickness of concrete surface of airfield was increased by 20 cm. That allowed accepting aircrafts of IL‐76 type. In the middle of 80s the runway was increased for the program “Buran” as reserve airfield.

  • During Soviet period the terminal was able to accept up to 5 thousand passengers per day in the summer which is a “peak‐time” for the Black Sea coast.

An effective transport‐logistical complex can be created with the start of the regular usage of the airport complex, with reconstruction of the seaports and with implementation of planned building of highway close to the airport.

A project of reconstruction and development of Sukhum International Airport named after V. G. Ardzinba has been prepared by Kazan company Giproniiaviaprom.

Mountain-tourist cluster «Kodor valley»

  • A significant tourists flow from Russian mountain resorts (Arkhyz and Dombai)
  • The road to the cluster requires reconstruction (Military Sukhum road A‐155)

Mountain-tourist cluster «Arbaica» in the area of Lake Ritza

- Development of the winter sports, including extreme ones.

- The location of the cluster areas is advantageous and useful because of the possibility to connect these areas by the tourist trails with Russian mountain resorts. That gives an opportunity to create a good tourists flow.

Tourist cluster “Gudauta”

  • Territory ‐ 85 ha
  • The length of the coastline ‐ 2,7 km
  • The territory is divided by Apstaa river
  • Necessity to replace the solid waste landfill
  • Numerous historical sights of Gudauta and New Athos
  • Thermal and hot springs are close to the cluster area.