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OOO “Abkhazskie sadi”

Products: feijoa, kiwi, tangerine, orange, lemon, fig, grape, cornel, cherry, cherry plum, plum, peach and raspberry jams.
Location: Aradu, Ochamchira district
Type of project: production

About project

A construction of jam producing factory of OOO “Abkhazskie sadi” started in 2014 and it started to work in November 2015.

There is also a 174 ha garden with feijoa, plum and kiwi.

OOO “Abkhazskie sadi” are producing jams from 15 fruits.

Factory capacity is 2.5 million pots per year. One pot is 300 gram.

90% of products are exported to Russian market.

OOO “Abkhazskie sadi” follows thee branch to pot approach that is essential in jam production. The producer is trying to preserve maximum of the natural qualities of fruits and their natural taste and not using artificial additives and preservation agents.

абхазские сады.png

Investments amount

Total amount of investments Total amount of investments The amount of personal finances

75 624 000 rub

58 624 000 rub

17 000 000 rub