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OOO “Grand-hotel Sukhum 2”

Location: Sukhum, Naberejnaya Makhadjirov 9
Type of project: hotel
Services: accommodation
in progress

About project

The project of OOO “Grand-hotel Sukhum 2” is a construction of 5-storied hotel with sixth operating roof store.

Hotel “Grand-hotel Sukhum” located on Naberejnaya Makhadjirov (a popular promenade of Sukhum).

The project designed with 46 rooms and the maximum capacity of 138 people.

Apart from rooms there is going to be open a conference hall, café, restaurant and SPA.

There is a modern swimming pool on the territory of hotel.

One of the main distinguishing feature of this project is a rooftop restaurant from which a magnificent view opens.


Investments amount

Total amount of investments The amount of credit The amount of personal finances

182 487 000 rub     

130 007 000 rub   52 480 000 rub