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OOO “Sukhumskaya riviera”

Products: hotel and production
Location: Sukhum, Naberejnaya Makhadjirov 9
Services: accommodation
in progress

About project

In the framework of this project it is planned to open a hotel with restaurant and confectionary production.

The project includes 46 rooms, 6 of which are apartments.

A foodservice will be also provided there. The restaurant will provide guests with the breakfast that is included in the cost of accommodation. During the day and in the evening the restaurant will be open for everyone.

Furthermore, there will be a swimming pool and fitness-studio on the territory.

This project also includes the development of current business –confectionary production. Products: cakes, pastry, biscuits.


Investments amount

Total amount of investments The amount of credit The amount of personal finances

185 508 000 rub

159 750 000 rub

25 758 000 rub