Our Projects

OOO “Zodiac”

Products: precooked foods, crepes, pasta and bakery products.
Location: Bzib, Gagra district
Type of project: production
construction in progress

About project

The project of Zodiac company is a construction of two-storied building with total area of 2 828 m2, where processing department and trade areas will be placed.

The supermarket will be opened in commercial and industrial center where the areas will be offered for rent. The supermarket is going to sell of OOO “Zodiac” products.

The company is going to produce products such as:
- precooked foods with shock freezing - meat dumplings, dumplings, khinkali;
- large variety of pasta;
- bakery products.

Total capacity of production is 748 800 kilo of ready products in a year with the 100% workload.

Investments amount

Total amount of investments The amount of credit The amount of personal finances

74 273 000 rub     

66 981 000 rub   7 292 000 rub