242 thousand people

Total Area

8,7 thousand km2


In Northwest part of Transcaucasia between rivers Psou and Ingur, in the southwest Abkhazia is washed by the Black Sea


In the north and north-west borders with the Russian Federation, in the south-east and south borders with Georgia

Official Language

*Russian language is also recognized as the language of the country.


Russian Ruble

Number of Sunny Days


Average Temperature in Summer

+28 C

Total Electrical Power of Rivers

31 billion kWh per year


Свыше 60% территории (527,7 тыс. га из 866,5 тыс. га)

Lenth of the Shoreline

214 km

The Republic of Abkhazia holds the territory bordered by slopes of the Main Caucasian ridge from the north and by the Black Sea coast from the south. In the west, Abkhazia borders with the Russian Federation along the river Psou and in the east, Abkhazia borders with Georgia along the river Ingur. Abkhazia is called «Apsny» in native language and translates to “The country of soul”.

Abkhazian people are one of the most ancient nations in Caucasus. Abkhazian language is one of the oldest languages in the world and belongs to Abkhaz-Adig language group.                                         

Republic of Abkhazia has unique nature and outstanding environmental conditions. Abkhazia is located on the boarder of two climate belts - subtropical and temperate. All climatic zones can be seen along the country from humid subtropical to eternal snow and glaciers. from the Black Sea shore to the Great Caucasian Ridge.                                                                                        

Flora of Abkhazia contains more than 2000 different types of native flora and the same amount of imported from the other countries.                                           

The forest area of Abkhazia is 527 thousands hectares. Nearly 88 % of the area covered by the forest contains from hardwood tree types – beechen, fir, chestnut, and oak woods.

The Black Sea fauna is similar to Mediterranean Sea fauna but with the less variety of types and contains about 160 types of fish.                                                    

Abkhazia is one of the most attractive touristic destinations on the Black Sea coastline. Natural resources and recreational possibilities of the country are enabling environment for developing all the types of tourism and climbing. Abkhazia has been on top 5 most popular destinations for the russian tourists for many years.                                                                                                 

Abkhazia is a presidential republic. Executive power is presented by the President, legislative power is presented by the one (single) chamber Parliament- the National Assembly of Republic of Abkhazia and judicial power by the constitutional, civil, administrative and criminal law. All the economic disputes are considered by the Arbitral Tribunal.                                                                 

The territory of Abkhazia is divided into 8 administrative and territorial entities, including the capital and 7 districts: Gagrskii, Gudautskii, Sukhumski, There are 8 cities, 4 townships and 305 villages in Abkhazia

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