Loan Programs

1) Investment program of support for medium and big enterprises.

OOO “Investicionnoe agentstvo” (Moscow) and OOO “Investcapital” are the key partners in implementing the investment projects in the Republic of Abkhazia and providing the flow of investment capital to the Republic.

Provides unique conditions on financing Abkhazian market:

- 10% per annum;

- Credit period up to 10 years;

- Personal finances not less than 10%.

The goal of a program is to support the development of medium and big enterprises in the Republic of Abkhazia.

Program budget is 1.2 billion rubles.

There is a list of documents that are necessary to get financing. One of the main document is a business plan of the project that should be made in accordance with the program requirements.

All of the projects go through the first stage of selection and registration in the commission of the ministry of the Republic of Abkhazia. After that, the selected projects are sent to the final consideration of OOO “Investicionnoe agentstvo” or OOO “Investcapital”.


2) A program of credit financing of small enterprises by Bank of Abkhazia

The goal of a program is to support small enterprises by providing credit finances on preferential terms.

The budget of a program is 200 million rubles. (by now, all of the credit finances are given to borrowers).

To get the financing a borrower should obtain conditions, pointed in Policy Statement “On order of credit financing of small enterprise” №58-P from 15.06.2015

The Program of credit financing of small enterprises is shared accordingly:

for agriculture 6%  6%

for trade enterprises 18%  18%

for all the others 12%  12%