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Agriculture is one of the traditional sectors of the economy of the Republic of Abkhazia. Favorable climate and environmental conditions provide competitive advantage for developing a broad range of agricultural areas: subtropical fruits growing, vegetables farming, wine growing, the cultivation of nut cultures, the cultivation of tea and tobacco, the cultivation of essential-oil cultures, aviculture, animal agriculture, fish-culture and bee farming.

The Republic of Abkhazia takes the 4th place after “the big three” wine-exporting countries on the Russian market:

Place Exporting country Export turnover Export share in Russia
1 Spain 3285,5 19.65%
2 Italy 2966,3 17,74%
3 France 2702,5 16,16%
4 Abkhazia 1562,3 9,34%
5 Georgia 1341,8 8,02%
6 Chile 1146,0 6,85%

Resource: Federal Custom Service of the Russian Federation, 2015

This industry provides 12% (5 950 million rubles in 2015) in producing industry and 13% of employment, and demonstrate an upward trend of development.

The total area of land resources of Abkhazia is 866.5 thousand ha, agricultural lands – 201 thousand ha.

The pasture (31.1%) takes substantial part in the structure of agricultural lands, fields – 4%. The percentage of perennial plantings in total area of agricultural lands is 2.5%.

Private farm holdings are base of fruits growing and vegetables farming, covering 92% of production and 95% of gross output.

It is listed 123 thousand ha as pasture in Abkhazia. Moreover, because of soft climate it is possible to have 2 or 3 harvests a year.