For investors

Tourism is one of the key sectors of the Abkhazian economy:

  • Tourist produces up to a third of tax revenues;

  • Constantly developing tourist infrastructure;

  • Constantly growing tourists flow;

  • Diversity of climatic zones;

  • Favorable ecological environment.

These factors give a range of investment opportunities in different spheres of tourist activities – from health resorts to speleology and mountain climbing.

The main types of tourism in Abkhazia are coastal tourism and excursion tourism (the most loaded period of season - from May to August) by now.

According to Strategy Partners Group’s analysis, the real annual turnover of this industry is 12 billion rubles that accomplished by providing accommodations and excursions to the tourist.

Abkhazia is in Top-5 popular destinations for Russian citizens. Average number of the foreign people crossing the border between Abkhazia and Russia is 3.3 million people per year. Tourists make up to 1.5 million of this number.

Year/Place 1 2 3 4 5
2012 Ukraine Finland Kazakhstan Abkhazia Turkey
2013 Ukraine Finland Turkey Kazakhstan Abkhazia
2014 Finland Turkey Kazakhstan Abkhazia Egypt
2015 Abkhazia  Turkey Kazakhstan Finland Egypt

Resource: Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation. Federal Agency for Tourism of the Russian Federation.

Developing of tourism in a short-term will be possible with the increasing of expenditures and the length of stay of tourist in Abkhazia. Moreover, with enlargement of tourists season, as average annual loading accommodation places is about 30%, which is lower than in the countries of the same level.

The growth of tourist industry in a long-term will be possible with enlargement of tourism with higher added value and less marked season’s limit. For example, sports and extreme types of tourism, wellness tourism and vacation for seniors.