Our Projects

OOO “Totus”

Location: Gagra, Abazgaa st.
Type of project: hotel
Services: accommodation
in progress

About project

The project of OOO “Totus” is a building of a modern hotel “Morskaya” in resort city Gagra.

The building is a 7-stored with 78 rooms. A café bar and a pool hall will be placed in entry level. There also will be spa in a basement level.

All the rooms have access to balcony. There will be an open terrace with shore view and mountains view on the top level.

There is also plan to build a detached all-year swimming pool complex.
Picturesque views swimming pool complex and SPA infrastructure for disable persons


Investments amount

Total amount of investments The amount of credit The amount of personal finances

280 261 000 rub     

229 735 000 rub   50 526 000 rub